The Free Motion Quilting Project: FMQ Friday Link Up

Friday, May 23, 2014

FMQ Friday Link Up

Time to link up and share! It's been two weeks since we last linked up because I was a bit too distracted with the trip to spring quilt market. I posted continually during the show so find all the posts for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by clicking those links.

free motion quilting | Leah Day

Yes, I'm still glowing with happiness from all the amazing people I met and the fun Josh, Mary, and I had running the booth together. I can't wait until the next market - it will be even better!

Getting back on track this week was tough, but Josh and I still managed to share our newest blocks for the Building Blocks Quilt Along. Learn how to quilt Wiggles in a Cheater Drunkard's Path block right here.

free motion quilting | Leah Day

Also see Josh's take on this design here.

Josh is really showing huge improvement at free motion quilting and it's only been 5 months! I'm seeing gorgeous blocks in the Building Blocks Facebook Group where quilters are adding extra decorative stitching and micro stippling to make their blocks even more amazing.

And remember, just 5 months ago these were the same quilters wondering if they would EVER get the hang of free motion quilting. You've all come a long way and we're not even have way through yet!

So that's what we've been up to. What have you created this week?

Simple rules for the FMQ Project Link Up:

1. Link up with a post that features something you've learned from the Free Motion Quilting Project.
2. Somewhere in your post, please link back here.
3. Comment on at least 2 other links. Share your love of free motion quilting and make this weekly link up a fun way to connect with other quilters around the world!

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  1. I just finished clicking on the "7" links above. Do you know that out of the 7 link-ups, 'Skittles Sewing...' is the only one that has to do with the Building Blocks QAL? I don't understand...I thought the link-up was supposed to be for people who were sharing their progress on the Building Blocks pattern or am I missing something? I don't have a blog and so don't 'link-up' but every once in awhile, I click and leave a comment for someone. Just wondering....

    1. Hi LJ - We've actually been linking up like this for years, way before the Building Blocks Quilt Along started. So the link up is really to share anything you've free motion quilted, no matter if it's the current project we're working on or something completely different. At this point though...I am wondering if this is still necessary with the popularity of the facebook groups...something to think about!

    2. Thanks; I didn't realize that. I don't really 'do' Facebook so I can't add my 2 cents worth! lol I'm still plugging away on my BBQAL. I'm way behind but it hasn't become a UFO so that's a plus. :)


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