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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kristy's Quilt

I love chance meetings and wonderful coincidences. This past spring Brandy Maslowski, the creator of Canadian Quilt Talk radio sent me a message about being on her radio show. With just a few clicks on her site, I ran across her kickstarter campaign she was using to fund a children's book about quilting called Kristy's Quilt.

I really loved this idea and helped fund the kickstarter campaign and spread the word on Facebook. So the campaign was a huge success and Kristy's Quilt is now in print! Click here to find this book!

Kristy's quilt is a fun children's picture book about a little girl learning how to make a quilt during a quilting retreat at her family's lodge. I love that it included real details on quiltmaking, like rotary cutting, piecing, and basting the quilt. A child reading this book will finish it knowing some of the steps we take to make a quilt and might just feel inspired to jump right in!

Not only is the book funny and entertaining, it's also beautifully illustrated by Marcia Stacy, who definitely understands what beautiful fabrics should look like on a page!

I have to say after reading this book I think this should be on every quilter's list to give to grandchildren - boys or girls. James loved the book and kept pointing out things he's seen me use - "There's a rotary cutter! She's basting Mama!"

We need to inspire another generation of quilters with beautiful quilts to sleep under and inspiring books like this to read. Click here to pick up your copy of Kristy's Quilt!

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. Yay on this post Leah! My 8 year old niece reads a book a day, 2 grade levels above...she has never had a TV in her house. Has more quilts from Aunt Melody than she is years old. And last week-she learned how to thread her very own full sized machine and practiced foot control. We picked out and cut 3" squares. Next the assembly! She's already asked when she can sleepover again to stitch her stuffed animal teddy bear quilt! Not telling her there was some one...she asked if there was a book for the sewing machine. Power of the written word and the love of a quilt =PRICELESS. At least my next book purchase will be super easy. Thank you so much Leah. Psssssst: Let's go QUILT!

  2. My daughters name is Kristy.. Unusual to see the same spelling.
    & yes she has made her own quilts

  3. Hi Leah, thank you so much for the wonderful post about the book. Quilters have really picked up on it as a way to share their passion with a child they love. Such a treat to be featured by a quilting sensation like you! Cheers! Brandy Lynn


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