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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting

Whoo hoo! I just received my copy of The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting!

This is super special because I know this book has been in production for many, MANY years. The author, Linda Steward, contacted several years ago about including a picture of one of my art quilts in the book.

I was thrilled and gave her a pick of any art quilt in my gallery. Linda choose to include Flower Bouquet, a little wall hanging with free motion quilted flowers, and one of the best border designs I've ever quilted.
free motion quilting | Leah Day

And here it is in the book! I'm amazed it was given it's own special page, so I guess Linda was a fan of those borders too!

I'm just thrilled to be included in the book and to now own a copy because it's such a nice reference for hundreds of cool art quilting techniques. Everything is covered from felting fabric, dyeing, applique, embellishment and of course, many ideas for quilting designs and textures to add to the surface.

I know what I'll be curling up with by the pool this afternoon! Definitely preorder your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting if you're interested in learning more about art quilting design and techniques, or just looking for awesome inspiration to make beautiful quilts.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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