The Free Motion Quilting Project: Josh's Lines & Stars in a Disappearing 9 Patch Block

Friday, July 4, 2014

Josh's Lines & Stars in a Disappearing 9 Patch Block

Happy Independence Day for those of us in the USA! Josh here for my turn at quilting some lines and stars in a disappearing nine patch block.

I've changed some things around in this block and this led Leah to coin a new motto: "You don't have to stitch everything!" This is a key point for beginners. While you're never going to master a technique or design unless you practice, there is no rule saying you can't minimize the volume of your stitching. In my case, I'm confident in my ability to stitch even, straight lines, so I opted out of a lot of those in this block.

At the 5:05 mark, Leah discusses big stitches and speeding. This was difficult for me to master in the very beginning, but I think I'm getting a handle on controlling my stitches by better controlling my foot on the pedal, in conjunction with moving the block at the right pace.

Here is the finished block:

free motion quilting | Leah Day

One thing that might make quilting this block easier is our ultimate beginner quilting kit, which consists of the machingers gloves I'm using in the video, as well as two other important tools that make your quilting life so much easier.

Have a great weekend!


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