The Free Motion Quilting Project: Amazing Aquarium in NC

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Amazing Aquarium in NC

Oh man! Yesterday James had a half day at school and we decided that was the perfect day to go to Sea Life, a new aquarium that opened this year in Concord, NC.

What an amazing place! This aquarium was small, but extremely organized and basically built for small children. There were multiple places for James to crawl inside the tanks and look out through the water like this:

I really loved this aquarium's focus on education for conservation. They breed multiple species of rays and seahorses and explain why these fish are in danger. Simply put - we eat them too much, or we're destroying their habitat. Sea Life clearly wants to educate children to make good food, transportation, and buying decisions.

Josh and I even learned a lot and we all had a great time because this aquarium was so creative and interesting. The largest shark tank was the coolest because you get to walk through a tunnel and see all the fish swim around you. On the opposite side is another viewing window with this big guy right in the middle:

Clearly this aquarium was built by some very creative people! We really had a great time and I love supporting places like this. So just in case you're in Concord, NC, make sure to swing around the back of Concord Mills (the massive mall that's impossible to miss on the side of I-85) to find SeaLife.

Even better, We're Sew Creative, a super cool quilt shop is nearby, so you can make it a quilting excursion as well!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. And there is a lego store there too!

  2. Oh my golly gee heck! We've been wanting to go to the VA beach aquarium, which is 4 hours away, by Concord is a mere 2.5 hours! And a Lego store? (And a quilt shop for me?) My kids will absolutely freak out! Now to save some monies.....


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