The Free Motion Quilting Project: Josh's Wiggles & Matrix in a House Block

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Josh's Wiggles & Matrix in a House Block

Josh here for the Tuesday beginner post. Today I'm quilting wiggles and matrix designs in our house block.

free motion quilting | Leah Day

You can see I've continued with modifying these new designs. I left out the wiggly lines entirely within the interior of the house, and I also minimized the number of lines in the matrix at the bottom of the block. I elected not to do the front of the house because I wanted to keep the area puffy and loose for a nicer tactile effect.

Here's the video of me stitching out the block:

Curved and wavy lines always give me a problem. Leah's advice of slowing down the foot pedal definitely helped. I also think stitching matrix closer to the center of the block would have been more helpful for a beginner. In fact, looking at the finished block, I wish I had filled it with some very loose matrixing.

We also discussed hiding your threads with Leah's "cheater needles." They are actually called self-threading needles, but I prefer Leah's term. One thing I'd encourage you to do is practice hiding your threads in scrap blocks. Leah can hide a thread in ten seconds, where it took me almost three minutes the first time I tried.


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