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Friday, August 22, 2014

More Posts, More to Share

James and Leah DayI've realized something this week - I really have a lot more to say on any given day and I haven't been saying it. This blog is my place for expression, but I've let it become a little too narrowly focused.

So I'm changing it!

From now on, I'm going to post as many times a day as I feel like - which could be one time, or five. It just depends on how the mood strikes. I might post only a few photos, or I might post a letter to my future self, or a new design - the fact is (and really I'm just telling myself this to get it stuck in my brain) this blog doesn't always have to be all about quilting all the time.

There is just so much more to my life than quilting! Yes, I absolutely love making quilts, but I'm also a mom, a wife, a passionate cook, a Lego fanatic, a spinner / knitter / crocheter, a writer, a designer, and a business owner, and I have stuff to say about all of it nearly every day!

So from now on - I'm sharing it all. We might have to do more work organizing the sequential posts, but I feel better already just getting my voice cleared for the take off.

My lesson for myself today - don't fight your nature. I love to share and being open is important to me.

So SHARE and keep searching for what creativity looks like - it certainly doesn't look like a girl with her mouth taped shut.

Off to quilt,



  1. We are all creatures with many interests. I get bored by single-minded blogs and skate right through them on my reader. Thanks for giving me some reasons - and photos - to slow down and read yours word for word. I love that your son is out of focus and wiggling in this photo. So true to life at that age.

  2. This is great, Leah! I love when bloggers share more than just what their main focus is - I've gotten so many great tips, recipes, book ideas, etc. etc from quilters' blogs!

  3. Love the photo of you and your son Leah. Life surely is made up of many parts and that is what makes it so interesting.

  4. Hi! Leah
    So happy to read you have found a little bit of time for some chatty posts again. I am absolute rubbish at this blogging business - this is the 5th attempt at sending a reply! - but inspired by you I've signed up for some lessons!
    Thanks for your generosity and encouragement through the FMQ Project and your posts both quilting related and 'wider life' related.
    Allison, UK

  5. I have been following your blog for about 3 years and have read back to the beginning ones that you shared. I really enjoy your random blogs about your everyday life and your insights into yourself that you have shared. Thank you for returning to this, it has always given me an insight into myself and my securities and insecurities.

  6. Leah, I learned a long time ago, that life is to short to worry about the small stuff, even our heavenly father said don't worry about tomorrows troubles, as tomorrow would get here soon enough, todays troubles are enough for today, he new we are not made for all these worries, I learned a little late, as I am 52 and dying, I wont get to see my grandchildren grow up, we made it to our 33 anniversary in Aug, but we both know that was a gift from GOD, my goal is to make each one of my children and grand children a quilt, that when I am no longer with them and they need a hug, all they will have to do is wrap themselves in that quilt and know that I am hugging them back. So my words of wisdom for you sweet girl, is this, Do whatever makes you happy as long as it is in GOD'S laws and does not hurt anyone else, and never worry abut tomorrow, it will be here soon enough, because when you start worrying about tomorrow, you give todays joys away, always take time to look around you and thank GOD for all his gifts, and love you children like there is no tomorrow, because we just never no when our tomorrows will end, and the last one I think is this, always, always be yourself, because what GOD gave you, is your own special self, and when we start being someone were not, we have given GOD'S gift to us away, and that is our own special self, then we stop being us, thank you for being you, and GOD bless you always.


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