The Free Motion Quilting Project: Big Craftsy Sale

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Big Craftsy Sale

Yay! We're heading into fall and Craftsy is celebrating with a big sale!

I'm delighted that the sale has my photo in it! That was taken on the last day of shooting Free Motion Quilting a Sampler, a 9 hour class that covers all the basics of machine quilting and how to quilt a beautiful set of 20 sampler blocks.

So what are you wanting to learn about this fall?

Craftsy has an amazing array of classes from quilting to photography to drawing to spinning. If you have been wanting to learn a new craft or a specific technique within a craft, chances are there is a Craftsy class available to learn it!

All of the classes are online and streaming, and yes, you need a high speed internet connect. The classes NEVER expire so you can watch the videos over and over as much as you like.

If you happen to have an iPad, the iPad app is terrific and allows you to download lessons so you can watch offline. I've found this particularly helpful when downloading a crochet or knitting class. I've downloaded those lessons I need and been able to watch them in the car without an internet connection.

So don't miss out on this big sale! Click Here to check out all the classes and save up to 50% off this weekend!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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