The Free Motion Quilting Project: #436 - Free Motion Quilt Playground Blocks

Friday, October 3, 2014

#436 - Free Motion Quilt Playground Blocks

Yes, it's time to get back to sharing new designs! Since we'll be finishing up Building Blocks by the end of this month, I want to get back to sharing new designs and pushing myself to stitch any texture I can think of.

This particular design was inspired by the giant yellow blocks that form a tic tac toe game I often see on playgrounds. The blocks are strung together on a rod that holds them usually in a grid pattern. Well, that is definitely simple enough to free motion quilt!

free motion quilting | Leah Day

Let's learn how to quilt this Playground Blocks design in this video:

This design fits into the Edge to Edge design family because the chains of blocks run from one edge of your quilting space to another. This would be well suited for any open, long space in your quilt like sashing, borders, or stitched straight across in rows.

This is definitely a beginner level design. I decided it can't fit into the "super beginner" group because it does involve some travel stitching. Hmmm...Maybe I'll stitch out another version and figure out a way to eliminate that for an even easier version of this design!

I like how simple and geometric this is, though a few years ago I would likely have turned my nose up at this design and labeled it as "too basic." Now I see this design not as too simplistic, but instead  suited for quilts of a particular style. I think this will definitely look great on a kid quilt, particularly for little boys who love blocks and Legos like my little guy.

Where do you plan to free motion quilt Playground Blocks? Do you have a special kid in mind, or is this itching to be stitched on a modern quilt design? Share your views in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Thanks for the new design! I think my great grandson would love a quilt with this stitched into it.

  2. Hiya Leah, hope you had a great Birthday:) I'm working along on the Building Blocks quiltalong and love it, excited now to be finished. I like this new design. I have taught my mum to make large nine patches with me and I will have the task of quilt as you go for two quilts for my lovely nephews this is just the kind of design I was thinking, something graphic and pretty simple as I will have a lot of blocks to do. Thanks Leah!


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