The Free Motion Quilting Project: #437 - Free Motion Quilt Unloaded Boxes

Friday, October 17, 2014

#437 - Free Motion Quilt Unloaded Boxes

It's new free motion design time! What happens when you combine Lightning Bolt with Cubing? These two quilting designs are very masculine with lots of straight lines and sharp angles. Put them together and you will have a free motion quilting design worthy of any Sci-fi themed quilt.

I've decided to call this free motion quilting design Unloaded Boxes because of the empty cube shapes that stand out against the rows of echo quilting.

Does this look super intense and complicated? It's actually pretty simple when you break the design down in the most basic steps: stitch a zigzag, stitch a box, echo quilt repeatedly around it. See what I mean by watching the free video below:

Yep, this design was featured in the Craftsy class Free Motion Fillers Volume 1. In this cool class you can learn how to quilt all of the designs on a larger scale in a throw sized quilt.
This beautiful version of the quilt was created by my Craftsy student Smiles_alot. She had this to say about the class:
Thoroughly enjoyed this class. This was an eye-hand & mental challenge. It was very helpful to watch the videos of the individual designs & how to stitch them. It surprised me that some designs I felt I wouldn't like before I stitched them became my favorites. I learned a lot with this class. Thanks Leah Day!
Would you like to learn how to quilt 50 designs on a larger scale? Click Here to get 50% off Free Motion Fillers Volume 1.

So now that you know how to free motion quilt Unloaded Boxes, where will you use this design? On a small scale or a large scale?

Personally this is making me think of all things science fiction - space ships, time machines, and aliens. Hmm...sounds like a good enough excuse to turn on some Dr. Who!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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