The Free Motion Quilting Project: Announcing Our Cook Book

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Announcing Our Cook Book

Josh here, and today I have an exciting announcement about a new book both Leah and I have been working on.

James, Leah, and Josh Day

If you've been following our blog for any length of time, you'll know we are fond of home cooking and love to share our recipes with you. Currently, our recipes are not organized at all--there is a messy stack in a kitchen drawer, with no rhyme or reason to the order.

The recipes range from handwritten pages, to computer printouts, to index cards we scribbled on nearly ten years ago, to ancient onionskin family recipes that date back centuries preserved in museum-grade laminate (kidding). The recipes clearly show use with rough edges, tears, and food and oil stains.

Some time ago we decided we needed to get organized. It just wasn't efficient digging through a hundred or more pages to find the recipe we needed. Ultimately, this need to declutter and organize our recipe system led to the idea of writing a cook book.

This Sunday Leah and I sat down at our dining room table and went through nearly two hundred recipes. We had a great time digging through everything as we culled recipes we hadn't made in years, found lost treasures, and recalled old memories.

Ultimately, we pounded out the foundation for our upcoming cookbook: ten chapters, nearly 150 unique and individual recipes, and, the best part... ten fun quilting and sewing projects which accompany each chapter. These range from napkins to table runners to hot pads.

We'll also be including recipes for spices, sauces, and marinades, as well as tips on outdoor grilling, how to use salt and pepper properly, and something which gives people the most trouble... how to cook rice perfectly every time!

We hope to announce the publication date of our cook book by the end of the year.

This project started out as something we needed to make just for our household but evolved into a full-scale cook book we hope everyone can enjoy. We love cooking and appreciate a recipe that's been fine tuned for years and years, so there will be no "filler" recipes in our book. Every recipe is something we have frequently made and are confident in sharing.

Our book will also not be pretentious, with the recipes split among "seasons." No, we're doing our best to keep things simple, with recipes divided among headings like Breakfast, Sides, Sauces & Marinades & Spices, Soups, Mains, Desserts, Beverages, and Comfort & Colds--a chapter where we share some passed-down home remedies for colds.

We also try to minimize processed and mass-produced ingredients, like seasoning packages, soup "mixes," bottled sauces, and unhealthy items. Fresh, locally grown meats and produce are what we strive to use in our cooking because flavor and health-wise, these make all the difference in the world.

In conclusion, I hope you're as excited about this project as we are!



  1. I've made several of your recipes. Can't wait for the book!

  2. I'm very excited about your new project! We love to cook (and eat) in our family, too, and I have that same kind of stack of papers with family recipes on them that I have been saying I'll collate into our family cookbook for years (I really need to get on that!) I really look forward to your book - quilting and cooking - two of my favorite things!

  3. I've been collecting cookbooks since I was a preteen, now over 50 years, and as someone who has been sewing just as long, I would love to have this cookbook. Any chance of getting a review copy for me to blog about at my blog THOUGHTS FROM MILL STREET? I would also post reviews on Barnes and Noble, Facebook, and any other online sources carrying the book.

    1. That would be wonderful Sue! I'll let you know when review copies are ready and shoot one your way!

  4. Sounds like a great project. Love the idea of the sewing projects that go along. Good luck.

  5. Can I pre-order today? I'm excited. :) Will you have special recipes for easy dishes you can make when you really want to spend the day quilting? Or for people like me who really don't know how to cook, because they prefer to quilt! (I need easy recipes).


    1. Lol! We're not quite ready for a pre-order yet, but we'll definitely let you know! Yes, we do a lot of crock pot meals as well as quick dinners that don't require loads of effort or energy and go from pan to plate in about 30 minutes.

      However, the general focus of the book will not be speedy or quick meals, but what tastes great. For Josh and I, flavor is everything!

  6. Wow, this sounds WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. I make your corned beef and cabbage every year. Best tasting, fool-proof recipe for our St. Patrick's Day dinner. Cannot wait for the book.

  8. How exciting! I'm a little behind on blog posts I guess!


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