The Free Motion Quilting Project: Catherine's Quilt

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Catherine's Quilt

Here is Catherine H.'s finished Building Blocks quilt:

Catherine writes, "Building Blocks 2014 quilt finished in a nick of time before the holidays. This was a wonderful experience both in terms of teaching and the quilting but also the sharing and encouragement from an international group. So fun to see everyone's color choices, quilting decisions and have company during this past year. My quilt is made from Kona cottons and leftover scraps of wool batting because I like the way quilting shows up on plain surfaces and a high loft. My threads also were 'scrappy.' I used this quilt along to encourage myself to try and practice free motion regularly and when I ran out of one thread , I just switched over to another... Probably about 6 different shades and mix of Poly's, cotton and s bit of silk.. The fabric was prewashed and starched and some but not all blocks were marked with a blue mark b gone pen or white chalk."



  1. Beautiful quilt !
    Happy thanksgiving!
    I'm running a fabric giveaway, would you like to enter?

  2. Beautiful! I love seeing all the different color ways! I'm so excited to see what's happening next year!

  3. Very nicely done!!!! Such a "rich" looking quilt! Love the texture, too!!!!

  4. Those are really pretty pastels. I love the way the quilting is showing up!


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