The Free Motion Quilting Project: Casual Cam Fabric Dyeing Fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Casual Cam Fabric Dyeing Fun!

I've just published another Casual Cam video...and let's just say it's REALLY casual...

The big news this week has been our launch of the spiral bound edition of 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs on our site! We haven't carried this book in the past because we really wanted quilt shops to carry it.

But...turns out most quilt shop owners aren't that easy to please or that willing to order, even from Brewer our distributor. It's a lesson we've learned and we're undecided about printing more books, so get em' while we got em'!

On the video - yep, my desk is usually this messy...actually I consider that rather clean. I'm a bit worried about these casual cams - I'm revealing to the world just how imperfect and messy my life is! Do you like this???

I have to admit being a bit confused by the great reaction we've had to these new videos. For a long time I've sought to make my videos more perfect by setting up lights, doing my hair and make up, and retaking and editing out all my mistakes. Do you like to see the real me better?

Any thoughts you'd like to share would be very welcome in the comments below! I'm off to start rinsing all the fabric you saw in the video. Cross your fingers it turns out pretty!

Let's go dye,



  1. I love your casual videos, Leah! Take a look at Goulet Pens where Brian Goulet does a weekly video Q&A, always at his desk. His early videos focused in a product or a technique and were VERY casual. Your videos DON'T have to run as long as his, but you might answered a few questions. The only thing I'd work on is the sound quality and trying to eliminate the background noise.

    Just generally, videos by artists at work in their studio talking about their process are super informative.

  2. We did some batik dyeing this weekend. Lots of fun! Do you use Dawn dishwashing liquid to help the dye set? Vicki Walsh did a great article on using it.

  3. I originally found you via some search on youtube and came across one of your oldest videos where you were talking about how to set up a domestic machine for free motion quilting, desk arrangement, modifying the foot, etc. It was definitely more casual back then, but I could tell that the information you were conveying was pretty important - and I had watched a bunch of other tutorial type videos before that, thinking, "Seriously… people do it this way? There has to be something better…" Anyways…. I liked that you came across as a real person and I liked that you gave very good information concisely and made sure to point out the key points. So, I continued watching your videos basically in chronological order. So I have seen how things have changed and grown. I think the way you teach and speak has basically stayed the same, which is a good thing! I love the casual videos though. Fun :)

  4. I love the casual cam. You know we all think we "know" you... So it is like getting an update from a friend about her day :)

  5. Hi Leah,

    I like the new casual cam videos. However, I like the older videos with the more careful production values as well for some things. I think it is a matter of content. When you are sharing a slice of life like this weekly wrap up then the casual format is very nice. It lets us see a bit more of your personality and feel a bit more connected. When you are teaching a particular skill like a FMQ design, or binding then the more formal production is nice because it allows us to focus on the skill and what we are learning. I guess I would say that I watch the casual ones to be entertained and a little informed (like reading most blog posts) while I watch the formal ones to learn something (like reading an instructional article). That is not to say that the formal ones are not entertaining... just that they are more focused.

  6. I like casual. I'm casual. The real you is the person I want to know. Scary huh? It's ok, I'm not a stalker. Just a very curious student :)
    PS. We have messy lives too. You ought to see my sewing corner right now. Ugh!


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