The Free Motion Quilting Project: Marcia V. S.'s Building Blocks

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Marcia V. S.'s Building Blocks

Marcia V. S. writes, "Yay, finished before Thanksgiving. By following the guidance of Leah, I gained so much confidence with free-motion quilting that I quilted three other projects as well in the months since this one was begun. Next there's a queen-size top made years ago that I dare to revisit, add borders, layer, and QUILT!! Thanks so much, Leah and Josh!

"Because I was determined to use fat quarters and other pieces from my stash, there are eight different background fabrics in my quilt which is probably why I must have tried 90 different layouts before I settled on this one! It was going to be a charity quilt, but one of my nieces wants it for Christmas, and I couldn't be more pleased."


  1. Great job, Marcia, it's gorgeous! I love all your colors.

  2. I totally love these colors and your quilting and piecing turned out marvelous! Well done! It is one of my favorites of all the ones posted.


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