The Free Motion Quilting Project: New Dancing Butterfly Quilt Pattern

Monday, December 1, 2014

New Dancing Butterfly Quilt Pattern

It's finally here! I feel like I've been pregnant for the past 9 months and now I'm finally ready to release this baby to the world!

This is the new Dancing Butterfly Quilt, a beautiful combination of butterfly quilt blocks and open design blocks that will transform your abilities for applique and free motion quilting.
This will be our next free motion quilt along starting in January! This quilt along is going to be a bit different from the Building Blocks Quilt Along. Here's how it works:
1. Buy a copy of the pattern.This link will send you to the download pattern which includes links to all 49 videos in the pattern. You can watch the videos online or download them to your computer.

We will also have a print version of the pattern available around December 10th. The print version will include links to access the videos, but you will have to have an internet connection to watch and download the videos.

2. Read and watch the videos included in the pattern. This pattern comes with over 40 videos linked within the pages so you can see each step demonstrated as you work block by block through the quilt. Interact and have fun! Ask questions, post photos, and share your experience in the Dancing Butterfly Facebook Group. Everyone is free to work at their own pace with this project, so you will see photos and questions from all sections of the pattern.

As you can tell, this project is more self-directed and not sequential like our previous quilt alongs. The reason is simple - last year I joined a weekly art group and quickly fell behind. I felt enormously guilty and frustrated and eventually just dropped out of the group rather than struggle to catch up.

After that, I realized I never wanted to create that experience for anyone else. So this quilt along is much more free form - start when you want, work as fast or as slow as you want, but still find the help and support you need anytime in our new facebook group.
What about blog posts?

Starting in January I will feature one design from the pattern each week with a blog post and a few more tips on quilting it. You can work to this schedule, or you can move ahead, or you can shelve the whole project for 6 months - it doesn't matter! You already have all the information you need in the pattern!

The posting for this project will likely last only until May or June, or we may finish even earlier. Please understand that this is definitely NOT another year long, month by month sequential project. Once you pick up a copy of the pattern, you have all the information you need to create your quilt.

What if I have trouble downloading the pattern?

I've created a special FAQ page to guide you through the process of downloading your pattern, printing it out, transferring it to your iPad or tablet, and accessing the videos within the pattern.

We've also set up a special video collection page where you can watch all the videos from the pattern in one place! This is very convenient to watch on your tablet and each video can also be downloaded so you can watch even without an internet connection.

The pattern also needs to be printed out at least once so you have the butterfly templates, placement guide, and design worksheets to practice each design. Check the section on printing the pattern so you're sure to print it out the correct size.

There's lots of bells and whistles to this pattern and we want to make sure you can enjoy it all! Make sure to check out the Dancing Butterfly FAQ if you have any issues.

Creating a pattern like this has been a HUGE process of planning and construction and I couldn't have done it without Josh editing videos and my dad helping me prepare fabric, piece and applique the quilt blocks. My father-in-law Chet and Janice Brewster from Creative Girlfriends Press both edited the pattern, and Emma from ETM Creative designed all our buttons, slides, and covers.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to work with so many awesome people! I do hope you will join us for this quilt along and enjoy making the Dancing Butterfly Quilt with us! Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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