The Free Motion Quilting Project: Three Finished Quilts from Dancing Butterfly

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three Finished Quilts from Dancing Butterfly

Josh here, and today I have several pictures of some amazing, finished quilts from the Dancing Butterfly Quilt Along! These photos were shared on our interactive facebook group where you can share photos and make friends with quilters all over the globe. Yes, people have already finished the Quilt Along, but many more are just getting started--you work at your own pace and leisure, no rush, and the Quilt Along will always be available.

First is Jennifer D. M.'s quilt, which is actually two quilts as she split the twelve butterflies into six apiece in order to make dual quilts for two friends:

Next we have Seaside Quilter's finished Butterfly quilt, with an extra butterfly pillow:

And here is the front of Karen A.'s quilt:

And here's the back, with some more wonderful colors:

Wow, weren't those just incredible?

If you haven't started on your Dancing Butterfly quilt, today is the perfect time as the pattern is on sale from now until Friday.

Let's go quilt,


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