The Free Motion Quilting Project: Welcome to the Dancing Butterfly Quilt Along!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to the Dancing Butterfly Quilt Along!

It's officially 2015 and time to get started on our new quilt along! This year we will be making this beautiful appliqued butterfly quilt:

butterfly quilt | butterfly quilt pattern
butterfly quilt | butterfly quilt pattern
Work in sets of 2 blocks and 1 butterfly
to keep the project small and manageable!
The finished quilt will measure 64 inches by 72 inches, but because it's another quilt-as-you-go project, it will still be easy to manage on your home sewing machine.

This quilt is designed for quilters of all skill levels. Yes, some experience with free motion quilting is nice, but I've also included tips for getting started, as well as common stitch issues that beginners run into when just getting started.

To kick off this first post, let's learn some more about the pattern and how the quilt is constructed in this video:

The best thing about this pattern is it includes nearly 50 videos for you to watch every step of the project from cutting and fusing the butterflies to free motion quilting each block.

You're free to work at your own pace with this quilt along, but just to keep you on track, we have planned extra tip posts for the next 24 weeks to guide you block-by-block through the Dancing Butterfly Quilt!

butterfly quilt | butterfly quilt pattern
Click Here to pick up the 61 page printed pattern for just $34.95

Click Here to pick up the DOWNLOAD pattern for just $29.95

Remember this pattern includes over 7 hours of video to guide you step-by-step through the Dancing Butterfly Quilt.
You can work at your own pace and watch the videos anytime. The videos will never expire or be taken down after the quilt along is over so you are free to work as fast or slow as you like.

butterfly facebook groupConnect, share, and make new friends!

Join in the fun on the Dancing Butterfly Facebook Group and meet quilters from around the world. This super active group is wonderfully supportive and kind. If you're struggling with a particular part of the pattern, post questions to the group and Josh or I will respond within 24 hours, though more than likely other members will jump in to help too.

butterfly quilt along | butterfly quiltWe're also going to set up a link up each week so if you're a blogger, make sure to share your progress on your blog and link up your post with us. Make sure to post this button on your blog so you can spread the word about the Dancing Butterfly Quilt Along too!

I'm really looking forward to teaching you about applique, satin stitching, and free motion quilting, and I can't wait to see your abilities transform as you build new skills and learn loads about quilting.

Since launching the pattern in December, many members have already gotten a head start on their blocks. Make sure to swing by tomorrow to see all the beautiful colors being used in this quilt!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. Thanks Leah. This will be lots of fun!
    Happy New Year to you and Josh


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