The Free Motion Quilting Project: Dancing Butterfly Design #5 - Echo Shell

Monday, February 16, 2015

Dancing Butterfly Design #5 - Echo Shell

It's time to learn another filler design for the Dancing Butterfly Quilt and this is an oldie goldie - a design I created right at the start of the Free Motion Quilting Project - Echo Shell!

I've quilted this design in so many quilts over the years and in all different scales. It's an extremely versatile quilting design and a great skill builder for learning echoing and travel stitching. Here's Echo Shell on a much smaller scale on my Vase of Hibiscus quilt:
And quilted a much larger scale in the 3rd butterfly:

Hopefully you can see the huge range of uses for this quilting design and how pretty the texture looks on the surface of all styles of quilts. The texture it creates always reminds me of clouds and I frequently use in the sky section when quilting landscape style quilts.

Let's learn how to quilt this design in a short video from the Dancing Butterfly Quilt Pattern:

Click Here to find the full version of this video in the Dancing Butterfly Quilt Pattern

Echo Shell is a terrific skill builder for both travel stitching and echoing. It may take some time to perfectly travel stitch and echo each circular shape so you may also want to try Echo Shortcut as well. That's a great alternative design that doesn't include the travel stitching of Echo Shell.

So what do you think of Echo Shell? Do you prefer to quilt on a large scale or small scale? Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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  1. I love that shell pattern. My gramma used to hand quilt on a big wooden frame my grandfather made for her. I watched her as a little girl in the 50's, never dreaming that I would take up quilting in my late 60's. I wish I still had her frame. Anyway, she used a very similar pattern, she had half circles cut out of heavy cardboard, think shoe boxes not corrugated, and she penciled each half circle one at a time and stitched it and then moved on to the next. She did them in rows with each row overlapping the last. They were beautiful.


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