The Free Motion Quilting Project: Design #442 - Boxy Spiral Knots

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Design #442 - Boxy Spiral Knots

Hmm...what would happen if I stitched Spiral Knots with straight lines? I'd end up with something like this funky Boxy Spiral Knots design!
When I first started quilting spirals, I'd always forget to leave space to get back out again and end up stuck in the center. This design takes what could be a mistake and turns it into an intentional design choice. Yes, it's a bit messy, but it's also wonderfully freeing to just overlap the lines and not worry about everything working out just perfect.
So like Spiral Knots, Boxy Spiral Knots is a great learning design. Instead of worrying about estimating your space and getting in and getting out, just worry about the first step - just stitch a simple square spiral.

When you've filled to the center of the spiral, pick a direction and stitch straight out. Easy peasy! See what I mean in this video:

Yeah, I've been missing my drop down of difficulty level and design type. Be sure to click the links to find similar designs!

Difficulty Level - Super Beginner. This is super easy because there's very little fuss with this design. Is there a perfect way to quilt it? Nope. Can you hide all your mistakes? Yep. So there's nothing to worry about with this one!

Filler Family - Independent. This family of designs are all based on Stippling, but this design incorporates overlapping your quilting lines so don't feel bad for stitching all over your boxy spirals - it's absolutely necessary for this design.

Suggestions for Use - Just today I was tweeting with a quilter who is struggling to pick a design to get started quilting with. I'd say Boxy Spiral Knots is a great choice. Not only do you get a fantastic texture, you also can't really mess this design up. It's MEANT to look messy!

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