The Free Motion Quilting Project: Snow Day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

I know many places in the US have had tons of snow this year, and we finally saw a little piece of the action last night!

This is a major event for my neck of the woods. In NC, even the threat of snow will close schools and send everyone to the grocery store in a mad dash for milk, bread, and eggs. Personally I prefer to stock up on beer, wine, and something good to cook for dinner!

Today we're taking a little snow day break and chilling on the couch, playing video games, and might go out to sled a bit later. Josh and I have been turning fan pulls and Christmas ornaments in the barn and still have a project in the works on the lathe that needs a lot of sanding.

Yes, Josh and I have gotten into turning together! My grandfather was a wood turner and I remember watching him turn bowls when I was little. A few years ago I picked up a lathe, and recently Josh has joined me in the shop as we turn small projects together.

Also on the agenda today is a lot of time on the couch playing GameBoy with James. Josh picked up a copy of the new Majora's Mask for Valentine's Day and I haven't done much besides play it like a total gaming addict since Saturday.

This is most definitely my absolute favorite Zelda game of all time! It's hours and hours of game play packed over 3 days when the world is about to end. Last night I beat a dungeon with only 13 seconds to spare, despite James telling me over and over "Mama, you're going to lose. You don't have enough time." Thanks for the vote of confidence kid!

In other news, I'm working on several BIG projects! The monster king sized quilt Salsa Verde is finally on my table and getting quilted for a new DVD we will be releasing this spring!

I'm planning on quilting this on the Juki Exceed F400, which is one solid little workhorse. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've really fallen for this little machine and most especially the awesomely designed darning foot.

The one issue I'm having is trying to film with this massive quilt taking up all the room around my machine. We shot two videos last week but will unfortunately have to reshoot them because both the quilt and my wrist were in the way the whole time. Grrr!

I have a bit of ripping to do to get the quilt back to square one and we will try again. This is definitely a learning process for us, but we will figure it out and knock out the remaining videos quickly. This new DVD will be available first as a digital download collection, then as a physical DVD disc a bit later this year.

So that's what I'm up to today! I'm off to make some hot chocolate and find my boots so we can go sledding!

Let's go have fun!

Leah Day


  1. sounds like an absolutely perfect snow day!

  2. Leah, what happened to your Juki 2010Q? Last we heard you were packing it up to send it for servicing? Is the Juki F400 as much fun as the Janome Horizon? Love your videos and blogs

    1. Oh sorry. Now I understand! I will be very interested in your Salsa Verde quilt along. I did my first double sized quilt on my Janome Excel23 after coming across your Youtube videos in August. Really struggled but loved it so went out and bought an Elna 720 for the 9 in throat. But still want to use my Excel23 too. Your teaching methods are fabulous - thank you!

  3. I'm so jealous. I would love for hubby to get a lathe. He does a lot of wood working, mostly making wooden handles for knifes. I have been asking for bowls and boxes but he says can't cause no lathe. It's on the list....someday. And snow days need lots of junk food and chocolate. Enjoy.


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