The Free Motion Quilting Project: Two More Months to MQX!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Two More Months to MQX!
Yes, MQX is just around the corner and I'm getting so excited about teaching at this big festival for the first time! Just in case you've never heard of MQX, it stands for Machine Quilting Exposition and is taking place in Manchester, New Hampshire from April 8th - 11th this year. Click Here to learn more about MQX.
All of my classes on free motion quilting are filled, but there's still lots of space available for my workshop Life Journey Through Goddess Quilts.

This 2 hour lecture / class will be all about exploring creativity, making and learning from mistakes, and the joy of self expression through quilt making. During this class I'm going to get you started on the first steps to making your own goddess quilt and how to instantly feel more creative every single day.

I want to teach this lecture and share this information because it's so close to my heart and is THE way I love to express myself and work through obstacles. I hope to inspire more quilters to let go of their fears and make quilts that reflect who you are, what you want, or what you are going through.
Does this sound scary?
I think there is plenty of space for self expression within quilting, and I want to open your eyes to those possibilities. I believe many quilters are craving this source of expression.

On every quilt show form I fill out the description is always limited to a certain number of words and reminders are added to not quote from lengthy poetry. Clearly many people are wishing to express themselves, far beyond what space can allow.

I know these days that "art" isn't nearly as popular as "modern" style quilts, but in a way these quilts are both ancient and modern - ancient symbols people have painted and drawn for centuries, but now stitched out in the most modern ways.

I promise if you come to this class, you will learn many things. But even better, I know you will leave inspired as all hell to go home and BE CREATIVE. Even if it's not perfect. Even if what you are expressing is hard or ugly, I hope to give you the tools you need, courage included, to express it.

So click here to read more about this class and I'll see you at MQX in April!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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