The Free Motion Quilting Project: A New Studio Just for Making Videos

Friday, April 24, 2015

A New Studio Just for Making Videos

About a month ago, I decided enough was enough. It seems like every time I turn on my cameras and hit "record" someone has to go stomping upstairs, or walk over head, or turn on music, or start printing orders!

Yes, this makes Leah very angry! Lol! My camera takes pictures along with video and captured this angry shot when I'd just about had it with interruptions. As you can see, I do have a temper, and it isn't very pretty when it's unleashed.

This has been an issue since I started making videos in 2009, but lately it just seems impossible to find a time to film without interruption or distraction. Dad is busy prepping many quilts in the room to the right of my filming room, and Josh is printing and packing orders to the left.

I've tried working around everyone and they've tried working around me. I've tried waking up super early and filming at 7 am. I've tried building a sound proof door. None of it works and we're all really done with the situation.

My solution? Build a new studio specifically for making videos. This new space needs to be out of the house and away from all the racket, but close enough that I don't waste much of my day driving over to it.

I also need CONTROL. I debated renting a studio apartment nearby, but what if my new neighbors turn on their vacuum cleaner? Or they have loud children? I would have even less control over another space than I do at home.

sewing studio unfinished shed | barn sewing roomAfter a lot of debate, I decided to set up a prebuilt barn from Old Hickory Buildings, wire it, insulate it, and turn it into a dedicated filming space in my back yard. Now when I want to make a new video series or DVD, it will be an easy process of walking into the woods to my little cottage, turning on the lights and cameras, sitting down and getting to work.

Setting up this new space will be time consuming and we're right now in the middle of preparing a very big, very exciting secret project. I plan to work on this new project on and off for the next two months and will hopefully have it ready to use by June!

Yay! No more angry Leah and hopefully more fun videos to come very soon!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Leah, you are ambitious. I am so impressed with how you problem solve time after time. You could have decided not to film any more. So glad you chose a dedicated filming studio instead.

  2. I would also be setting up a little private retreat area in there, too. We creative types need to get off by ourselves now and then for at least a few hours if not a night or two. Why not make it a double-duty space. Except you'd have to sneak back into the house to go to the bathroom. :)

  3. I love how seriously you are taking your quilting; it certainly deserves the respect you give to it. I look forward to seeing how you are going to decorate your space. You certainly have the stuff to make it a beautiful (and soundproof) place. :)

    Happy quilting,
    Susan in Texas

  4. Sounds like a really good plan. Sure the studio will work well. Keep up the wonderful videos.

  5. Very cool to have your own room - I look forward to seeing the videos that come from it! Enjoy!

  6. That is exciting! I'm super happy for you that your business continues to grow too.

  7. sorry but i do love the angry Leah picture.

  8. Love the funny face, and your solution. Happy filming.

  9. the world is a better place because of your videos! So yeah for the barn. Keep 'em coming.

  10. That building will be what the doctor ordered for you....keep us posted as to the progress!


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