The Free Motion Quilting Project: In New Hampshire for MQX

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In New Hampshire for MQX

Josh here, and today we are in Manchester, New Hampshire for MQX, and wow, this is going to be a great show! We are both so excited to be here.

Unfortunately, we only have one picture to share as we were in a hurry to get here and most of the pics turned out too blurry as we had to shoot from inside the car with the window closed.

We left North Carolina at 6:30 am Monday morning, packing up our car the night before. We drove through most of the breadth of North Carolina, a lot of Virginia, then Maryland, and stopped for the night in lower New Jersey.

I hope I'm not the only Bruce Springsteen fan among Leah's readers, but I have to say I was surprised to learn the New Jersey turnpike spans a lot more of the state than what I'd always imagined from The Boss's song "State Trooper."

We left New Jersey and entered New York via the George Washington Bridge. My grandparents lived in Northport, Long Island until 1986 and I remember visiting their home when I was very young, but this is the first time I'd ever driven through New York state. We drove over I-95 along the westernmost perimeter of Manhattan and here is the one picture we took that didn't turn out too blurry.

We drove through a sliver of Yonkers, but after that the city was behind us as we continued into Connecticut, Massachusetts, and then New Hampshire.

It was a long day yesterday driving and today has also been pretty long, but we'll have some great photos to share soon of MQX!



  1. Welcome to the Granite State! It's too bad we are not yet far enough into spring to have some flowers to greet you but the amount of snow that has melted int he past week will make your stay much more pleasurable as you will be able to get around much easier! I live just about 25 minutes from the show and I am hoping I am able to make it for at least part of a day

  2. Very excited that you are both in town for the MQX show! I'm taking the Saturday Feathers to Flames class and can't wait!!


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