The Free Motion Quilting Project: Best Mother's Day Ever!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Best Mother's Day Ever!

Today has been such a wonderful Mother's Day! Josh and James woke up early and made breakfast burritos and had sweet gifts on the table. It's so wonderful to feel so appreciated and loved!

I hope you have had a terrific Mother's Day as well! It was a perfect spring day so we worked in the yard and I built a new door to Josh's duck coop. We tried to swim, but the water is so cold I could barely stand to get my feet wet.

I'm really trying to get out and enjoy the weather this year and spend more time in the yard. We've put in loads of tomato plants and herbs so I know this is going to be a great summer for fresh vegetables and amazing flavors in the kitchen.

I'm planning to kick back the rest of the day and work on a new set of butterflies for quilt market. I can't believe I'm leaving Tuesday for Minneapolis for nearly a whole week. I'll be hanging out in the Island Batik booth #2100 and demonstrating on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so if you're attending the show please come by to see me!

I promise to keep you updated on the show events and share many photos this week to Instagram and Facebook. This time I'm headed to market alone so Josh can hold down the fort at home. I'm definitely going to miss my guys and this great weather we're having, but by the time I get home my crafty cottage might be nearly finished! Lol - probably wishful thinking!

Let's go quilt,


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  1. So glad to 'hear' of your wonderful day. These busy days keeps one 'hopping' for sure. My "creds" aren't sufficient for a Market admission so will anxiously await your reports. Enjoy!!!!


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