The Free Motion Quilting Project: Casual Cam - Lucy is Armless!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Casual Cam - Lucy is Armless!

I feel like I've hit the ground running after I got home on Monday night! We have loads of projects in motion and the Crafty Cottage is coming right along as well. Last night I couldn't contain my urge to get back on track with my Zelda Costume so Josh helped me shoot this short video: more about fitting garments in the following awesome Craftsy classes and help support my efforts to make more fun, free videos:

Sew the Perfect Fit - This is a great class for understanding how to mark, cut out a muslin test garment, and alter it to fit nicely step by step.

Jacket Fitting Techniques - I love to watch this class for specific tips on fitting jackets. VERY helpful especially when I'm planning to layer and quilt the pieces and I want them to fit nicely.

Fast Track Fitting - Speedy techniques for altering a garment based on body measurements.

Now I made Lucy more than a year ago by covering myself in duct tape, then sliding this custom shape over my existing plastic dress form. You don't have to have a dress form to do this, you could just do the duct tape and then stuff it with stuffing.

I learn how to make the duct tape dress form in the Craftsy Class Curvy Crochet which is an excellent class on fitting crochet to larger sizes.

I'm hoping to get this jacket knocked out and nicely fitted so I can cut out another version in gold glittery fabric for my Zelda costume. My original armor piece was just too stiff and uncomfortable to wear around for more than a few minutes.

Charlotte's Hero Con is just around the corner so cross your fingers that I can get this fitted and quilted in time!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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