The Free Motion Quilting Project: Throwback Thursday: Chickens and Ducks

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Chickens and Ducks

Josh here, and it's past time we did our own little Throwback Thursday post!

If you're a member of Facebook, you've likely seen pages and facebook friends sharing old pictures and stories under the tagline "Throwback Thursday." We've even seen a few funny and memorable Throwback Thursday entries on Leah's facebook group page, which is a great place for quilters from all over the globe to come together and talk about quilting, sewing, crafts, and anything and everything.

Have you ever been watching one of Leah's youtube videos and heard a rooster crow in the distance?

Let's rewind back to a few weeks before Easter of 2010. I got two chicks as a gag gift, and that's how it all started.

Barred rock and unknown breed of young cockerals, April 2010
Unfortunately, the gag gift nature of these two played out as both grow into roosters.

Along the way, we picked up three hens, got a few more over time, hatched out their eggs, and fast forward to today where I currently have nineteen laying hens and three docile roosters, along with six Indian runner, Magpie, and Pekin ducks.

Oh, and we also brought a gentle little silkie rooster into the house for a week or two! He was the one hatchling from fifteen eggs I ordered online and grew up around us.

And yes, that is a specifically designed chicken diaper! The little rooster ultimately joined the flock outside as chickens need fresh air and sunshine to thrive.

If you're interested in chickens, I have several posts about them, which you can read here, and here, and here.

Do you have any chicken, or duck, or guinnea, or peafowl stories to share? We would love to hear from you!



  1. We had some of the red laying hens when my kids were smaller - late 1990s - and let the chickens run around the yard free (and the kids).
    We also put up one of those wooden play structures with the bright yellow slide.

    Then we had to make a house rule that no chickens were allowed to be placed on the slide by helpers. :D

  2. Oh, to have those beautiful, colorful, fresh eggs!

    1. If only you lived nearby Linda! We give them away to anyone who will eat them and I'm trying to eat at least one a day. They are great, but sometimes we're a bit too productive!

    2. Oh dang....overnight shipping, maybe? LOL Seriously, the difference between those eggs and store-bought comparison. None. I was stunned the first time I broke (and later tasted) a fresh, 'home-grown' egg.


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