The Free Motion Quilting Project: Machine Quilting Easy Echoes

Monday, June 15, 2015

Machine Quilting Easy Echoes! Thank you all so much for your wonderful support of my new Light Up Your Life series! It's so great to hear your feedback and comments and I love hearing your perspectives on self worth.

Getting back to quilting - today I've shared a fun, easy design you can quilt with your walking foot - Echoing!

Click Here to find the post on Easy Echoing with Your Walking Foot.

This is a fun design you can quilt either with a walking foot OR in free motion. I have to admit after echo quilting two blocks with my walking foot that this style of quilting is easier. Nothing beats having the machine feed the quilt for you!

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Let's go quilt!

Leah Day

1 comment:

  1. Quilting clockwise does make a difference, but it's not one I would necessarily have thought of. Thank you for sharing the benefit of your experience.


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