The Free Motion Quilting Project: Backyard chicks: cuteness overload

Friday, July 10, 2015

Backyard chicks: cuteness overload

Josh here today, and we'll keep things short and sweet; and I'm talking super cute and sweet.

Here are my newly hatched Silkie chicks. When the pictures were taken, they were a day to two days old. I love this age because they bond with you in absence of a mother hen, and as they are a bantam breed, they are easy to watch and even easier to clean up after when you bring them inside.

We have just three of these black baby silkies and we're having trouble thinking of names for this bunch. Any ideas?

Until next time, let's go raise chicks!



  1. Gloria, Sylvie, Diana, Fred, Felix, Herbie

  2. Super cute way to start the day by seeing these photos! Have fun with them! I was just thrilled to see that our hens have started laying again in their box - they free range normally so there could be eggs all over the property - not sure if it's the fact we've passed the shortest day (it's winter here in NZ) or that they like the new sawdust we've put in the box.

  3. We had chickens once. My mom has as sense of humor and named them Soup, Pot Pie, and Dumplings. :)

  4. Replies
    1. how very cute, sorry cannot think of names but I am sure you will get lots of suggestions

  5. How about Tuxedo, 007, and Vader?

  6. Oh! Too adorable! We had silkie chicks YEARS ago, but white ones. We called them, thanks to our little girls, Chester and Truffles. Fabulous names, off a kid show I think. You have 3, how about Mo, Larry and Curly?! Get it? :-)

  7. My grandson's family named theirs after chicken dishes. Lemon pepper,teriyaki. Etc.

  8. Too sweet and they look so fluffy and soft.
    Good luck on the names. but I like the Bippity, Boppity, and Boo or maybe Henriette, Harriet, and Hazel.


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