The Free Motion Quilting Project: Free Motion Quilt Crinkly Clamshells - #444

Monday, July 6, 2015

Free Motion Quilt Crinkly Clamshells - #444

We had a great time machine quilting Egyptian Fans last week so this week I'm playing with more curvy shapes to make a super cute quilting design called Crinkly Clamshells!

machine quilting design | free motion quilting
It's hard to believe we have 444 quilting designs to play with now! Just in case you've missed it before, you can find the full collection of designs right here at 

Crinkly Clamshells is a simple Echoing Design similar to Echo Shell and Echo Arches, but this design starts with a wiggly, crinkly shape (maybe the sea creature within the shell?) Because the echoes are simple half or quarter circle shapes, the design stacks easily together creating a cute texture for your quilts.
machine quilting kit
Speaking of quilting real quilts, the tools in the Ultimate Quilting Kit definitely make this a lot easier! You'll be able to grip your quilt, move it easily over your machine, and enjoy fewer thread breaks with the tools included in this kit. Click Here to learn more.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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