The Free Motion Quilting Project: Free Motion Quilt Loaded Boxes #446

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Free Motion Quilt Loaded Boxes #446

It's time for a new quilting design! Quite awhile ago we learned Unloaded Boxes, which is a fun zigzaggy design with open square shapes. Now let's try filling those spaces to create Loaded Boxes, a beautiful combination of straight lines and spirals:

free motion quilting | loaded boxes quilting design
This design does have a lot of steps - stitch a ziggy line, form a square shape, fill the square with a circle and spiral. Travel stitch out and echo around the box and zigzag line multiple times. Whew! It's a lot to remember and may seem pretty complicated if you're just getting started. Just remember there are plenty of super easy designs on this project you can play with as well.

machine quilting book | Leah Day
While it may not look like it, this design is a variation of McTavishing, which puts it in the Branching Design Family. If you're curious about learning more about free motion quilting designs and how I organize them into design families, definitely check out the book Free Motion Quilting from Feathers to Flames.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Thanks Leah for the new design, tho I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to put a round peg in a square, ha. I'm so glad you are continuing with new designs which will keep us inspired. On another note I want to tell you that I miss your goddess quilt in the background while you are on camera. But I love your new quilting cottage.

    1. Yes! I've been missing the backdrop too, but unfortunately it wasn't fitting properly in the new space. Instead I began using the 365 Quilt in the background for the last 3 videos I shot and they looked great!


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