The Free Motion Quilting Project: First Day of School!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School!

Yes, it's the first day of school and my little boy is off to second grade!

It's going to be a wet, rainy week, but I managed to snap this picture despite the rain. I always like taking a first day photo just to see how much he's grown since his very first day of preschool seven years ago:

Josh and I are both feeling our heart strings pulled as we realize our little boy will be turning 9 years old this February. He's now a chapter-book-reading, piano-playing, math-loving little guy, but he's still my sweetheart and always ready for a hug and cuddle on the couch.

Yes, sometimes it makes me sad to see how fast he's growing up, but really this is just a daily reminder to fully appreciate this time of my life. I feel immensely lucky to have this perspective and I know how fleeting this magical time is for my family.

Gretchen Rubin put it best: The days are long, but the years are short.

Whenever I see this, I'm reminded to make more effort to make my home a happier place to be. It's easy to allow tasks and chores to overwhelm the time spent hanging out on the couch or playing a board game.

I need frequent reminders that my child will not remember whether the bathroom was clean or the floor swept, but he will remember how often his mom played a Nerf War and how willing I was to pull out paint and play.

I do so love this time of my life, and I know it's fleeting. I think that's more than enough reason to double down on the fun and worry about the dishes later.

Here's to our children,

Leah Day


  1. Wish I had gotten your advice years ago. My 31 year old son reminds me that he really wanted to play board games with us, and we were too busy. That really makes me sad. But your cutie has got your full attention. Enjoy! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I can hardly remember those days it was a long time ago! So true a child remembers what you do together rather than the state of the house etc, enjoy they grow up so quickly and next thing there are grandchildren who also seem to grow too quickly too, mine is nearly 18 now so maybe in the next few years I will have a great grandchild

  3. Beautifully said....could not agree more...

  4. my daughters are in their late 20's both married to wonderful men.
    We live close by, and spend a lot of time together
    My oldest just had a baby. Sarahbaby is the cutest most adorable 2 month old ever, on the planet.
    My parents are 92 and live at Ashby Ponds in Ashburn Va. I see them every day and spend about three hours there laughing and going for walks
    Family is very very important to us. Every day is a blessing

  5. I have many miss the time when my children were in school. Today my three boys is 32-37 and 40 years old. Enjoy this very stage it is wonderful! A big hug!


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