The Free Motion Quilting Project: Free Motion Quilt Zoodle #449

Monday, August 17, 2015

Free Motion Quilt Zoodle #449

What happens when you start seeing eyeballs everywhere? You start needing to quilt them everywhere too! Yes, eyes are the inspiration for this funky design I'm calling Zoodle:

Free Motion Quilting Project Design Zoodle
This design works off the same base as Flowing Lines, we're just sticking something different in the gaps to form a different design. I've done this many times to create designs like Pebbles in a Stream, Goldilocks, and Trapped Paisley.

The nice thing about Zoodle is it's a bit more open than the other designs, and I'm loving this symmetrical way of stitching it with all the gaps roughly the same size and shape. Let's learn how to machine quilt it in this video:

365 Free Motion Quilting Designs Book
Quilting the circle into the gap might feel a bit tricky so feel free to stop and mark it anytime you need to. This style of edge-to-edge designs work best in sashing and borders.

Where do you plan to stitch this design? Give it a try in a small square first, then think about how it could fit into your next quilt. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to using pretty designs in quilts except to quilt what you like!

Find tons of machine quilting inspiration in the book 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. This looks like a fun design that I have to try. I think it would make a great overall design on a
    modern quilt.

  2. This is ANOTHER amazing design! You are such an inspiration to try a variety of FMQ designs. Your control and precision are unparalleled by anyone I've watched or taken classes from. You also give permission to not be perfect which is why I love trying out your designs. Love your Craftsy classes and I revisit them as needed. Thank you!!!

  3. LOVE it! I'm still having issues sewing backwards but will keep trying. Thanks for always brightening my day!


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