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Monday, August 10, 2015

Join The Free Motion Effect Now!

My new Craftsy class The Free Motion Effect is finally available!

This class is all about discovering the beautiful effects free motion quilting can make for our quilts. We'll discuss all-over quilting, section quilting, designing with stencils, and quilting around applique.

If you have a quilt sitting on your shelf that you just don't know how to quilt, this class will jump start your creativity and give you many ideas for quilting with a variety of designs. Craftsy Works

Just in case you've never taken a Craftsy class before, here's a few details to get you familiar with the platform. Craftsy hosts online classes which are broken down into 7-10 lessons.

The videos are available to watch streaming online so you will need a high speed internet connection. You can also download the lessons onto your iPad using the Craftsy app to watch offline.

At any time during the class you can post a question which your instructor will answer usually within 48 hours. You can also take notes, speed up the video, slow it down, and always have the ability to go back and watch lessons again and again.

Craftsy classes never expire so you will never lose access to a class you've purchased. All your classes are saved in your account so you can always go back and watch again and again.

The Free Motion Effect

Craftsy has been a natural fit for me because I love teaching through video! The Free Motion Effect is my fourth class and I designed it to be very different from all of my other classes.

I wanted this class to specifically dig into quilting design. The question "How do I quilt it?" is really a two part question - how do I pick designs and how do I apply the designs to the quilt surface?
 Both questions are answered fully in the 8 lessons of this class. You'll learn how to pick designs, how to mark the quilt surface when necessary, and how to quilt from the center to the outside edges in the most logical method possible.

Biggest Class Ever!

Personally I'm thrilled to have this class launching today because it was such a massive, overwhelming amount of work to prepare! Each quilt in the class was pieced or appliqued and quilted three different ways.
Then we pieced or appliqued each quilt three more times for the class demo!

It was a huge amount of prep, but completely worth it in order to teach so many ways to quilt these beautiful quilts.

Join in the fun today and save 50% off The Free Motion Effect today!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Congratulations on another great Craftsy class. Preparing all those quilts for it is pretty incredible. And a 50% link is very generous: thank you!

  2. Yay! I remembered it came out today! Thanks for sharing the 50% off link

  3. Thank you so much for the 50% discount! Definitely taken the decision from "I'll put this onmy wishlist" to "I'm treating myself to this class Right Now!!"


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