The Free Motion Quilting Project: Pretty Quilted Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pretty Quilted Pumpkin Patch

I'm feeling inspired by the fall and the cooler weather that has suddenly made me want to quilt, quilt quilt!

To make this simple block, I backed some orange fabric with my favorite fusible web, ran it through the AccuQuilt Go with a fall shapes die, and quickly created a few simple pumpkin blocks to play with.

For this first block I first quilted around the block with simple echoes, then filled the center with Snake Paisley quilted in Brick Isacord Thread. I love how much texture this flowing quilting design adds to that plain pumpkin!

This is a slightly older quilting video, but I still follow the exact same steps to free motion quilt this design inside the pumpkin shape:

Really the star of the show is the green tendrils quilted in Isacord Pear which really seem to glow against the black background. That's a new design I'm still playing with and I'm wondering what to call it. Leaf tendrils? Pumpkin vine? This one is definitely destined for a new video maybe next week!

Are you feeling inspired to quilt a special project for this fall? Do you like working on seasonal projects to display in your home?

I'm wondering just how many different ways I could quilt these pumpkins and how much the thread color will make a difference. It's bringing out my inner mad scientist who just loves to test, play, and quilt for fun!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. WOW!!! Way to make a kind of blah pumpkin spectacular! You are so inspiring! I love to decorate my home for the seasons. Think of these kind of tendrils behind a flag or snowman depicting wind?! I definitely need to try it!

  2. Too cool!!! Your stitching is so fluid and smooth--mesmerizing to watch the design slowly appear. Thanks so very much for the's VERY helpful. BTW, I know how to crochet Granny Squares, but don't remember how they are joined...a tutorial on this would be great!! Many thanks! Carol

  3. Wow, it's beautiful. I can't wait to see which other free motion designs you chose for the rest of the pumpkins. My seasonal projects are Christmas presents that are quilts and one baby quilt, as soon as we figure out if it's a girl or a boy.

  4. Fantastic pumpkin! I love the green flowing free motion quilting for the leaves and vine. So inspiring!

  5. I love this idea!! It seems like such a fun and easy way to make an unique pumpkin!

  6. Awesome! Love pumpkins and this is just Stellar! Thanks Leah!

  7. Leah- If I recall, you are left handed. Do you crochet right handed? Yellowsubmom

    1. Yep! All the books I learned from had the hook held in the right hand, so that's the way I learned. I also knit right handed for the same reason. There's just not very many resources for lefties, at least not in the early 90s when I was learning!


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