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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wholecloth Quilting Fun
 Yes, I definitely use wholecloth and fun in the same title!

I've loved wholecloth quilts for many years, ever since first seeing one at a quilt guild meeting. I was obsessed with the idea of being able to make a quilt without piecing or applique, but I just couldn't escape the idea that this was cheating...

No, it's definitely not cheating!

 Wholecloth quilting is actually a very traditional technique where marked, usually symmetrical motifs are made to puff over a flatter, more densely stitched background.

The method to make certain areas of the quilt puffy with extra batting is called Trapunto, pictured below.

One of my favorite things to do is kick back with a big quilt and clip the batting for trapunto. It's honestly the most relaxing thing in the world, so long as I have a good pair of sharp scissors.

Inspired by my love of clipping and trapunto, a few years ago I designed a simple wholecloth and taught many beginner quilters the basic steps to this unique quilting style.

Now we've updated this simple pattern to create the Heart & Feather Wholecloth Video Workshop.
We've included 10 videos in our new workshop to guide you through every step of making a beautiful wholecloth quilt. This video workshop will teach you how to:
  • Prepare your fabric and mark the wholecloth design
  • Add extra puff to your quilt with trapunto
  • Master the three dense filler designs that will make your motifs pop
  • How to fill the quilt in the most logical and fastest way possible
  • Finish your wholecloth with step-by-step blocking and binding

Are you unsure if wholecloth quilting is really for you? The best thing about this project is its small size and simple design.

The Heart & Feather Wholecloth quilt finishes at 16 inches square.

This is one wholecloth project you can jump into and not get bogged down with month and months of tedious quilting.

It will give you a taste for this quilting style without becoming overwhelming.

Click here for more information about our new Video Workshop, The Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilt.

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  1. Beautiful! I waited too long yesterday and when I went to order a kit they were sold out, I can't wait until you get more in as this will be so much fun to make!


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