The Free Motion Quilting Project: Star Wars Pajama Pants

Monday, November 9, 2015

Star Wars Pajama Pants

Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out in December? We've been eagerly awaiting this new movie and getting excited about the new toys and video games coming out this fall. The last time James and I were in Walmart we ran across some cute Star Wars flannel fabric which I thought would make a great pair of pajama pants!

I made James's Star Wars pajama pants using Simplicity 1037 which is a ninja costume pattern, but the pants are just simple elastic waist pants that could easily be repurposed for pajama pants!

This project was both easy and quick because it only required two pants legs and a length of 1 inch elastic. From start to finish, making pajama pants like these should take about 1 hour and it's a great project for learning the basics of cutting out a pattern and sewing.

See how I made James's Star Wars pajamas in this new video:

I finished all the seams just using a simple zigzag stitch, then trimming down the extra fabric close to the stitching. So far James has been wearing these pajamas almost every night so they've already been washed multiple times and are wearing really well!

I know I'll make James many pajama pants using this pattern so I backed the tissue paper with French Fuse Interfacing to make it much more stable and durable. The pants pattern now feels more like fabric and is much easier to spread out and align on the fabric for cutting.

Are you a big Star Wars fan or do you have a kid in your life that is? Definitely check out the new Star Wars novelty prints and flannel fabrics at your local quilt shop and make something fun for the Star Wars fan in your life!

Let's go sew!

Leah Day


  1. Love the PJ's. I made many for my grand kids. I used a Stretch and Sew pattern that multisized and traced off the right size. Only had to purchase one pattern to make PJ's for years.

  2. Leah - Thank you so much for posting things like this in addition to all your quilting videos. Among other things, I find all that you do so inspiring. You get SO much done! It makes me want to do more than I do now and gets me moving in new directions!

  3. I never would have thought to add interfacing to a paper pattern! Great idea to make a much used pattern piece stand up to multiple uses. You have so much knowledge to share about so many things - keep up the good work.


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