The Free Motion Quilting Project: 2016 Machine Quilting Block Party Kick Off!

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Machine Quilting Block Party Kick Off!

Are you ready to party?! It's time to get our Machine Quilting Block Party started with Block #1 - Half Square Sun!

Machine Quilting Block Party with Leah Day

Machine Quilting Block Party with Leah DayThis beautiful block is fun combination of half square triangles and squares. We're going to brush up on our triangle piecing skills this year and master lots of machine quilting techniques as well!

A full sized quilting diagram is included in the pattern for you to print, cut out and tape together to mark the quilting design on your block. Within the quilting diagram you'll find a fun sun motif, Sharp Stippling, skill building straight lines, and Hot Path in the outer border. 

Why we mark the quilting design

When you're first learning how to machine quilt, you have to do so many things at once - move the quilt under the needle, maintain a matching speed with your machine, and quilt the design smoothly over the quilt.

After guiding thousands of quilters through quilt alongs for the past 5 years, I've learned that having a marked design is essential. It takes the guess work out of the design and allows you to focus completely on moving the quilt and balancing your speed to create beautiful stitches.

Machine Quilting Block Party with Leah Day
Where are the videos?

The videos for the Machine Quilting Block Party will be posted on the 1st and 2nd Monday of the month.

Next Monday we will learn how to piece the block step by step, then the following Monday we will learn how to machine quilt the block together.

I'm planning to also share a variety of tip videos to help get you started on the right foot! Many quilters have had questions about fabric preparation, marking the block, and free motion quilting basics so I will be sharing extra tip videos on these topics over the next few weeks.

Learn more about the project in this intro video:

Make sure to join our new Machine Quilting Block Party Facebook Group so you can share photos, ask questions, and make friends with quilters around the world.

Of course you can also post any questions you have in the comments below. We're here to help you build amazing new skills for patchwork and machine quilting this year!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Looks wonderful, will I be able to adapt the program to my long arm?

    1. Sure! I'd add larger borders to each block so you can put it on your frame easier.

  2. Leah,
    Would you consider this a program for beginner free motion quilters?

    1. Definitely! The patterns are very detailed and the machine quilting designs are all marked making it much easier for you to quilt each block and build lots of skills for quilting.

  3. Hi Leah.
    I have finished my block piecing and am not on any social media sites... is there anywhere else I can show my block. I only have a flickr account. Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately we're only able to moderate and keep track of the one Block Party Facebook Group. That is the best way to share pictures of your blocks and any questions you have with other quilters.


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