The Free Motion Quilting Project: English Paper Piecing Quilty Box

Friday, January 15, 2016

English Paper Piecing Quilty Box

My Quilty Box came in this week and I've been having so much fun with this new box of fun gear currated by!

Included in the box was a pack of paper pieces, two precuts of fabric, a fat quarter organizer, and the book All Dolled Up filled with fun patterns for doll sized quilts using English Paper Piecing. Learn how to get started paper piecing your diamond shapes in this new video:

Six pointed lone star by Leah Day
No, I don't expect to finish my little quilt anytime soon, but here's the diagram for what I plan to make...eventually!

It's really fun to have a handwork project like this always packed up and ready to go. I keep the fabrics, paper pieces, a pair of scissors, pins, needles, and a spool of thread in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Whenever we're heading out on a trip I can easily grab the bag and have everything I need to make a lot of progress on a little project.

I've also found that I don't spend as much on craft supplies if I bring a project with me. This year I'm going to make an effort to spend less vacation time shopping and more time relaxing!

Have you ever tried English Paper Piecing? Do you like stitching by hand occasionally or just by machine?

Definitely give this a try and join Quilty Box if you'd like to receive a fun box of quilting gear each month. Click Here to learn more.

Let's go quilt!

Leah Day


  1. I do English paper piecing. 1800 piece quilt in 1" hexies in progress, abot 700 pieces basted and 200 sewn together. I love it because it travels well! Like you this won't be done anytime soon - but it does progress. Waiting rooms for Moms doctor appointments this week, yielded 40 little darlings! It does spark conversation around you too-the most intrigued was my auto mechanic...still giggling on that. I'm still drooling over last month's Quilty Box and this months was also exciting. Quilt on people...

  2. Actually, I was inspired to try paper piecing hex's by Laura Kemshall (UK) and then yourself! You created a quilt via english paper piecing using small hex's for the face! I was inspired by your face and decided to use hex's to create a horse quilt for an upcoming exhibit in 2016! Here is a link to my two hex horse pieces I did: ( I'm now going to be starting on a Blue Dog hex piece! So thanks for the inspiration!!! I love having hand work to 'take' along or for tv watching!

  3. I am embarking in a terrifying journey with my first ever English paper piecing with The New Hexagon by Katja Marek. A beautiful design that I hope I can duplicated with my scarps. My goal is to start one hexagon at the time and build from there.

  4. You've inspired me to finally do something with that little pack -- if only I could find it now, I'm sure it's the same one. Just wondering though did the little cutting template come in the kit? the only one that I've been able to find online doesn't seem to have it but I can't say for sure. Equally sure that if I order a new one the current one will turn up somewhere unexpected.

  5. thank you for making this video. I got the quilty box and had no idea what I was going to do. I love the project you are making and you even put a little pattern here for me to follow!! :)


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