The Free Motion Quilting Project: How to Machine Quilt Block #2

Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Machine Quilt Block #2

It's quilting time! Last week we learned how to piece a beautiful Blazing Sawtooth block and this week let's learn how to machine quilt it together with straight lines, Zippling, Fuse Fire, and more wiggly flames in the borders.

Machine quilting patchwork block

Click Here to find the quilt pattern for this block. The pattern includes a printable template so you can mark this quilting design on the surface of your block!

Now let's learn how to machine quilt this Blazing Sawtooth working from the center:

Did you catch my machine running loud at the beginning of this video? It was really grinding and grumbling because I hadn't cleaned it out in awhile. Click Here to find tips on cleaning and oiling your machine if this is happening to you!

Machine Quilting Patchwork Block

This month we're going to focus on two filler designs: Zippling and Fuse Fire. Zippling is a variation of Sharp Stippling, the design we focused on last month. It's a bit more masculine with straight lines and sharp angles and looks great on quilts for the guys in your life.

Fuse Fire is a new design we learned last week that will add a beautiful flame-like texture to your block. Click Here to find a video on machine quilting Fuse Fire so you can get more practice with this cool design.

I've been seeing so many awesome blocks posted to the Machine Quilting Block Party Facebook Group! Make sure to join in the fun on Facebook and share your pictures and questions with a group of supportive quilters from around the world.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Leah I[m a little confused about the straight lines in the orange triangles, Did you do them as you outlined them or when you did the short wiggly lines in the ousde border. I saw where you did the first one and then the wiggly lines but then that is where the video stopped so did you or didn;t you quilt them as you did the orange triangles or later. Thanks.

    1. It honestly doesn't matter when you quilt any particular space. So yes, in the video I probably ditched the outline first, then quilted the straight lines, but I could just as easily have popped into the area while quilting around with the wiggly flame design in the border. Does that make sense?

    2. Does make sense. After I thought about it and watched the video a few more times I could see the path you probably took. Thanks a lot.

  2. where is the pattern for the quilting lines?

    1. You can find the quilting design template in the pattern for this block right here:


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