The Free Motion Quilting Project: Machine Quilt Fuse Fire #460

Friday, February 5, 2016

Machine Quilt Fuse Fire #460

Each month we're going to focus on a specific machine quilting design to build new skills and get more comfortable free motion quilting. We'll also use the design within the month's block for the Machine Quilting Block Party.

This month let's learn a new machine quilting design called Fuse Fire:

machine quilting Fuse Fire
This beautiful pivoting design will help you build skills for two essential quilting techniques: travel stitching and echoing. Learn how to quilt this design in this new video:

machine quilting Fuse Fire
We're going to use this design in Block #2 for the Machine Quilting Block Party. Click Here to pick up your block pattern today

The best way to learn a new design like this is to quilt it as much as  you can. Your first try at a design probably won't look very good, but the more you quilt it, the better you'll get to know it.

So pull out some fabric and scrap batting and try quilting this design on a small practice sandwich this weekend.

Another great idea would be to quilt it All Over Style over a small baby quilt. That will definitely give you tons of practice machine quilting this new design.

What do you think of Fuse Fire? Does this design look easy or hard to quilt? Are you excited about quilting it in our next block?

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Thank you Leah that was such a clear description of traveling. I had questions on how much you could do it. Again thanks for making that so clear.

  2. Lovely - I just got a new Juki this week!!!


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