The Free Motion Quilting Project: Sneak Peek for Block #3!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sneak Peek for Block #3!

It's hard to believe that February is almost over and our third block for the Machine Quilting Block Party is about to begin! I really love this new block and shot a few sneak peeks for you to enjoy:

When I posted this picture to the Block Party Facebook Group someone commented that it looks like we'll get a lot of practice with triangles this year. Yep, we definitely will be working on triangles in every single block this year!

It's been two months and Josh and I have been thrilled to see so many quilters join in this project and share blocks on the Facebook Group. So far this feels like the best paced quilt along we've ever done and this will likely be the model we use for all future block parties.

It also seems the best set up for beginning quilters. With only one block per month, the time commitment is small, but you have the opportunity to build awesome skills for both piecing and machine quilting - the best of both worlds!

So even if you didn't get started in January, you have plenty of time to jump into the fun of this skill building block party. Click Here to find the patterns for Blocks 1 and 2 and be looking for Block 3 on March 1st.

Remember to pick up your pattern on the first 5 days of the month so you get the very best deal!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Leah, I appreciate the pace. It allows time to follow Facebook posts from group and review videos; as well as deal with time obstacles such as machine problems, surprise interruptions interfering with sewing time, and shopping for new sewing tools. I see myself as a "lifer" for participating in future Leah Day projects. Thank you! Linda K.

  2. Am loving the block party it's the first one Iv done with you. And loving it. As I don't get much time to my self as I'm now a single mother to five children and my youngest my 11yr old is autistic and very demanding all of the time including nite time as he hardly sleeps either so grabbing a bit of me time twice a month is just about manageable for me. But also the price is brilliant. The pattern works out to £3.68 in the first five days. And although I chose to spend out on all new fabrics I cood of stash busted if i wanted.
    So yes for me it's the perfect block party for skill building.
    Thank you Leah and Josh you are
    Inspirational people.x

  3. Finished quilting block 2 today! Ready for March!

  4. I like the pace as well. I have other quilts on my table, and this will give me a break from those, and hone new skills in the process!


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