The Free Motion Quilting Project: Quilted Zipper Organizer with Quilty Box

Friday, March 18, 2016

Quilted Zipper Organizer with Quilty Box

My Quilty Box just arrived for March filled with awesome gear from! They have included all the materials you need to create this super cute zippered organizer:

I decided to challenge myself to make this organizer this month because the Quilty Box came with all the supplies I needed. All I had to do was grab some green thread for quilting and piecing the bag together.

I don't make a lot of bags and this little project packed quite a punch with 3 mesh, zippered pockets, and one clear vinyl pocket, plus a strap and buckle. Oh, and did I mention the bias binding around the edge?

This little project is SO nicely finished, and I have to hand it to Annie Unrein - she really knows how to write pattern! Each step was clearly listed and included check boxes to keep yourself organized. I never once got lost or confused, even though there are a lot of little pieces to cut and steps to sew.

The first step of the bag is to quilt the main panel so it's a stable base for the rest of the bag. Check out this video to see how I free motion quilted my bag using the design on the fabric for inspiration:

Yes, you can still find this month's Quilty Box right here for a limited time and get this box of fun gear too!

I know I probably wouldn't have tried making this organizer if I hadn't had all the materials so conveniently provided. Now that I've made one, I see how easy it is and I'll definitely be making more!

Let's get quilty!

Leah Day


  1. It looks great! I can't wait to finish somethings so I can make mine!

  2. Awesome, just ordered the Quilty Zipper package, I can see this becoming something I'll make in several sizes too!


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