The Free Motion Quilting Project: Stitch and Paint Machine Embroidery

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stitch and Paint Machine Embroidery

Two weeks ago we launched our first Stitch n' Paint Embroidery design and already we can see this is a very popular idea! Not only is it super easy to stitch out this little landscape design, it's really fun to paint each space with different colors and fabric paints.

I received a lot of questions about fabric painting after launching this new design so I decided to make a video on how I work with Fabrico markers:

The #1 key here is to Test, Test, Test! You really won't know what a marker will do unless you use it and check out the color first. And the last place you want to do this test is on the embroidery design itself.

Cut a 10 inch square of white fabric and create a little sample swatch of each color you plan to use. In the case of the Fabrico markers, you'll need to test both tips as one side is usually much darker than the other.

Once you have a sample swatch of your colors created, jump right into creative color combinations and play with all the ways you can paint your mini landscape quilt.

If you mess up, who cares?! Your embroidery machine can stitch out another design in no time and you'll be ready to try again. Click here to find the Stitch n' Paint Landscape design and jump into fabric painting today!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Total #CreativeGoodness. Just looks like fun to make to decorate a home, as well as to give as a gift. I'm even thinking how much fun this would be to pre-stitch and host a paint/coloring party for kids of all ages.


  2. I have a photo of my 2014 block of the month for the free motion quilting project. I posted it on your Facebook page, but never saw it. Did you? I just wanted to be able to see it. I can't see how to attach a photo to this comment page. Thanks, Lissa

  3. What a great and creative idea Leah!! Take this idea and RUN :0) Do you offer the paint as well?!


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