The Free Motion Quilting Project: Gardening Time!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gardening Time!

This past weekend Josh and I got serious about gardening. My terraced pathway project was nearly complete and we finally decided to cover the surface with rubber garden tiles. I debated using these or pea gravel or just leaving the surface as dirt, but ultimately I like the rubber tiles the best:

Of course, as soon as I got the pathway complete, we had to fence it off completely! See the innocent little guy on the right?

That's Kitchen and he's not innocent at all. He loves to use my gardens as a bathroom which is really disgusting and could hurt the plants. So we've fenced in this garden completely by surrounding it with woven wire between the garden and the carport, and then 2 foot chicken wire around the pathway.

You wouldn't think this little fence would be enough to keep cats out, but it's working well so far!

In these terraced side gardens we've planted lots of herbs: basil, parsley, thyme, and oregano. I also keep rosemary and sage, but in other gardens because those plants get so big. I've also planted green beans and cucumbers which can easily grow upward along the woven wire against the carport.

I'm really excited about growing and eating so many vegetables this summer. We're planning to can at least two shelves of tomatoes because we eat spaghetti every Sunday night.

Have you started planting your gardens yet? What are you planning to grow this summer?

Let's go garden!

Leah Day


  1. When I saw your garden beds, I was wondering if you had a cat ... you might try straw in the beds too. My cats seem to leave the beds alone with straw around the plants. The straw will also provide moisture retention.

  2. You think cats are bad try chickens. Last year we put the garden in the chicken coop run, it didn't keep the girls in anyway. But it sure did keep them out, go figure. We put bush beans and pole beans last year did not are for the pole beans. So just bush beans this year with the regular, tomatoes, potatoes,peppers, chives, squash. Love your terrace garden. Very attractive, bet its pretty in summer.

  3. Your terraced gadens have come out really great - it will be really great when all your herbs and vegetables are grown!
    Also great idea with the canned tomatoes - would you mind sharing how you make those?

  4. I have laid down the chicken wire across the top of the soil to keep cats out. It seems that if they cant scratch at it they don't use it as a potty. Just an fyi :) I really like your raised beds! I will have to look into the rubber tiles and see how they might work for my garden!

  5. Looks great. Where did you find the rubber garden tiles?

    1. I found these at Lowes Hardware. They cut pretty easily with a box cutter knife and really hold up well over time.


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