The Free Motion Quilting Project: Beginner Quilting Videos to Binge Watch

Friday, May 6, 2016

Beginner Quilting Videos to Binge Watch

Did I say binge watch and beginner quilting in the same title?  Yes, indeed! Josh has created a wonderful playlist of all his beginner videos and organized them together into a playlist for you to enjoy:

Each video will play after the other automatically, allowing you to watch Josh and I quilt together for hours on end without having to stop and search for a new video.

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Just in case you don't remember Josh's time behind the camera, back in 2014, Josh quilted every single block in the Building Blocks quilt, most of the time with me at his side sharing helpful (and not so helpful) tips as he quilted.

If you've been feeling frustrated with free motion quilting, Josh will certainly make you feel better! When he got started making these videos, he didn't really know how to turn on my machine. He'd quilted a bit with me on a few projects, but never on camera.

Over the course of the year, Josh shared new videos along side mine every single week and you can really see his progression as a quilter block by block. Eventually he began making his own design decisions and machine quilting only what he wanted to within each block.

I admit sometimes this drove me crazy! But we made it through the year quilting each block together and had a great time teaching this way.

We hope you enjoy this new playlist! Let me know if you have more ideas for video playlists that we can put together for you to enjoy our videos.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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