The Free Motion Quilting Project: Machine Quilting Gentle Curves

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Machine Quilting Gentle Curves

This week I finally upgraded to the iPhone 6 with a lot more space so I could shoot more videos of what I'm working on at any given time. Today I'm machine quilting on my Juki 2200 sit down longarm and STILL knocking out the lines in the landscape of Dream Goddess. Check out the video to see why this is taking so long:

I admit, this has got to be the most boring machine quilting design in the world. But if you stitch rows and rows of it across beautiful hand dyed fabric, the effect is totally, absolutely worth it!

So that's what I'm quilting today. What are you working on? Has the warm weather pulled you away from your sewing machine and out to your garden, or are you quilting something special? Please share in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leha Day


  1. I am making great progress on my daughter quilt. Finally purchased the Machinger gloves so I hope that will make a huge difference when I work on the FMQ parts of the quilt.

  2. Working on some pillows for my granddaughters room.

  3. Love your quilting videos :-D


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