The Free Motion Quilting Project: Beautiful Kimono Sewing Project

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beautiful Kimono Sewing Project

Do you love to sew? I really love to sew and make clothing, but rarely have the time to fuss with the fabric, pattern, and sizing to get everything just right. But now that may just change thanks to! Learn more about it in this quick video:

So instead of buying fabric, then buying the pattern separate, you can now buy the fabric with the sewing pattern printed directly on top! 

What makes this even more awesome is you can design the fabric for a new shirt, skirt, dress, or kimono robe! I first designed the pink blossom fabric for a Spoonflower challenge, but decided I wanted the trim and belt to contrast slightly so I took out the flowers and created another fabric with just the background gray rings.

What has resulted is a gorgeous new garment that's just needing to be cut and sewn! I love the 3D imaging that Sprout Patterns offers because you can really see what the project is going to look like being worn.

Click Here to check out this kimono project.

As for the cost and time to print, yes, this is a little expensive, and yes, it takes a little time to print and ship. I choose to print my kimono robe on organic cotton sateen, which is a bit pricey, but I believe the soft feel to the fabric will be worth it.

Another thing to keep in perspective is the time. Using Spoonflower, you can upload a design today and have it printed and shipped within a week. So while it did take a few weeks for my kimono to be printed and shipped, that's actually super speedy in comparison to more traditional fabric printing methods.

For all of these reasons, I'm delighted to design fabric for Spoonflower and to easily print sewing projects with Sprout Patterns. I can definitely see a lot more sewing in my future!

Let's go sew,

Leah Day


  1. Sewing a kimono is on my sewing to-do list but I already have a 1990s pattern - on the lookout for the right material. That pink blossom fabric is perfect!

  2. The Poly Crepe de Chine is also a lovely fabric to use!


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