The Free Motion Quilting Project: Gearing Up for Fall Quilt Market

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gearing Up for Fall Quilt Market

Fall quilt market? Really? Yes, indeed! Last year I designed a beautiful set of fabrics for Island Batik and a few weeks ago the yardage arrived and I did a super happy dance throughout the house to celebrate. Since the fabric arrived I've been designing, planning, slicing and dicing to create new quilts by the end of the month.

Thankfully I have Dad to help me make all these quilts! Dad has pretty much mastered quilt piecing and has already constructed two quilt tops. This particular queen sized quilt has already been basted and today I started machine quilting by stitching in the ditch.

Unfortunately I can only share a few sneak peeks right now. I can't wait to share more about this beautiful new fabric which will be hitting quilt stores around January 2017.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Exciting!!! Super cool to have your own fabrics!!!

  2. Congrats - that is super exciting!!

  3. Wow, Leah and Dad, how amazingly cool is that?!? So happy for you!!!! :)))

  4. Your dad is such a special dad. I know your story as it is very similar to mine, and you are fortunate to have Dad. So glad he helps you and I know how special that has to be for you. Enjoy it. Congrats on your fabric.

  5. Congratulations! Lucky you to have Dad on your side!

  6. Wow that Amazing abt you n dad !!!!

  7. Families working together!!!!! Leah.... we gotta wait until January? ok, but I do suffer from anxiety and you have added to it.... giggles. God bless!!!


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