The Free Motion Quilting Project: Twin Rainbow Stars Free Quilt Pattern

Monday, July 18, 2016

Twin Rainbow Stars Free Quilt Pattern

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This past week I received my Quilty Box, filled with beautiful fabrics and supplies selected by Kathleen Starr from This box came with gorgeous hand dyed fabric that I couldn't wait to cut into and turn into a beautiful quilt. I ended up creating TWO super easy Rainbow Star quilts!

These little quilts measure 32 inches each and are SO fast to piece together. I think they will make a great project for charity quilts or anyone you know that's having twin babies!

The star of these quilts is definitely the fabrics. I absolutely fell in love with Kathleen Starr's hand dyed fabrics and definitely plan to pick up more.

Of course, with two quilts pieced, we now have the fun job of deciding how to quilt them both! Make sure to check back next week when I share tips on quilting both Rainbow Star quilts.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Hi Leah, I love this quilt. I press all of my seams open too, but my finger pressing doesn't work nearly as well as yours does. My seams almost close up again before I can iron them, but yours look really crisp and almost like they've already been ironed. I'm not certain, but I think you starch your fabric (I don't), could that be the reason?
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

    1. I remember in one quiltybox early this year there was a little fingerpressing tool which might be useful, always wondered if Leah actually used it after that video.

      To Leah great work as always, your creativity is inspiring.

  2. Beautiful pattern!! And I agree, the fabrics are gorgeous. I'm a pre-washer, and I threw ALL of the fabrics from my Quilty Box in the washer in a single load (I was feeling adventurous) with hot water and 4 dye-catcher sheets. NOT A TRACE of dye was on the sheets afterward. I've never seen fabric so dye-fast. Amazing.


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