The Free Motion Quilting Project: New Camera Glasses!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Camera Glasses!

Yes, I'm trying out Pivothead camera glasses as a new way of filming whatever I'm looking at. I decided to test them out and show you how I design wholecloth quilts at the same time:

My design process really is this simple - paper, pencil, templates, and a mirro tool that allows me to see what the whole quilt is looking like after only drawing a small sliver of it. This is a very fun way to stretch your creative muscles and play with new ideas.

The one thing I must emphasize is the importance of play. Don't get too serious or precious about your designs. Just keep drawing and asking yourself - what do you like? What do you hate? What is still bugging you?

Honestly I know a quilt is ready when I look at it and nothing bugs me about it. It's okay when nothing screams "FIX ME!" in the design. It's a really personal thing though so it's important to keep playing until you find the design you like.

So what did you think of the glasses? The shot is much more wobbly because my head naturally moves around (sorry! I'm not a tripod!). I also realized halfway through that the camera is located about 1 inch over my eyes, so I need to look down or slide the glasses down the bridge of my nose to really get a good shot.

I think they are fun to play with and will certainly come in handy when I want to shoot something fast and don't want to drag all my gear out to the Crafty Cottage. Sometimes it's nice to just grab one camera and go!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


  1. Very cool showing the design process! I think the glasses are great!!! Look forward to more! It's all a learning experience with the glasses!!

  2. Looking forward to learning a whole cloth quilt quilted with a walking foot. It was a little hard to see your designs, probably due to the placement of the camera as you mentioned. But very interesting.

  3. Bit hard to see...I wonder how this would work when you are stitching something.

    1. I'm still testing them out. There's a few settings to fiddle with and I'm learning how to place the glasses on my face for the best shot.


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